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    Mary's Hou...Uploaded by:GailB  on   12/16/11.

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    Nepal Wate...Uploaded by:Csquared  on   9/4/11.

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    FILM IT FO...Uploaded by:isliss  on   5/17/11.

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    Gathering ...Uploaded by:mmatrix  on   10/20/11.

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    Come to ou...Uploaded by: GlobalA on 4/16/11.

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    Buy A Book...Uploaded by: RexB on 4/6/11.

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    GROW found...Uploaded by: GlobalA on 4/13/11.

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    Introducti...Uploaded by: GlobalA on 3/15/11.

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  • San Diego State University Project

    San Diego State University Project

  • Gathering of Nations

    Gathering of Nations

  • The Lucky Penny

    The Lucky Penny

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noun: The emergence of individuals choosing to take small-scale action (s) intended to achieve a personal and/or social goal, resulting in a large-scale impact or ripple effect.