About Us

The Golden Opportunity Experiment

The Golden Opportunity started as a social experiment where individuals were given $250 dollars, a Flip camera and a choice to take action. There were no rules. There were no conditions. We simply asked that whatever individuals CHOSE to do with the opportunity, they would film and share it with the TGO community. The actual experiment revolved around a single question: "Would people, if given an opportunity, rise to the occasion?" The results have been an overwhelming YES!

  • Our Vision: Empower people to video and share meaningful micro-acts
  • Our Mission: Activate a ripple effect of meaningful micro-acts

Our Film it Forward Project

Our Film it Forward series showcases how every moment is a moment to start the ripple; one person, one camera and the limitless possibilities for people to connect with each other and contribute to the world around them. TGO believes that by offering individuals the opportunity to launch their own Film it Forward online 'micro-activism' video project, everyone can take part in creating and supporting these unique life-affirming journeys. And as each camera is handed forward, we'll be along for the ride as the journey continues, connections are made and stories are shared. This is your opportunity to contribute to the movement of life!

The Community

The Golden Opportunity community is a place where different people, in different parts of the world, from all different backgrounds and lifestyles, choose how they want to contribute to life.

Whatever people choose to do with their Golden Opportunity; the TGO community shares and dialogues, and offers a unique social experience around every act. This social experience is built for, and populated entirely by, the TGO online community. Our success will rise and fall based on the contributions and participation of our members and viewing audience. It's in your hands...

  • Our Community: A digital video social experiment of incentivized, meaningful micro-acts.

Our Company

The TGO.tv company is a low-profit corporation (L3C) where TGO revenue is funneled back into the company in order to grow the business and drive the mission: to activate a ripple effect of meaningful micro-acts. TGO strives to inspire people everywhere to participate more in life, contribute to society and recognize that meaningful acts can be simple, easy and powerful.

The Team

Victor Kearney
Our fearless leader is Victor Kearney, a philanthropic and social media investor who seeks and supports companies that inspire individuals to "be remarkable." His celebration of the human spirit results in game-changing projects such as The Golden Opportunity. victor@tgo.tv
Lynn Liss
Our web2.0 startup gal, Lynn Liss drives TGO's operations, vision and strategic roadmap. She is passionate about technology innovations and human evolutions pushing online communities, digital exchanges and social media forward. She loves to be around game-changing people and businesses. lynn@tgo.tv

Natalia Munoz
Our super charged development producer, Natalia Munoz keeps our creative efforts moving forward in a productive and inspired manner. Her extensive entertainment background ensures everything we do meets audience appeal. She loves a good conversation. natalia@tgo.tv
Brenda Johnson
Our public relations and marketing dynamo, Brenda Johnson, is the mover and shaker behind our industry relations efforts. Her years of business and public strategy development experience help us stay in touch with the market. She's probably skiing down a mountain right now. brenda@tgo.tv

Brenda Johnson
Our resident social media and creative idea thinker, Cheryl Brooks, loves seeing people work towards a more positive world and come together for projects with purpose. With a background in entertainment marketing she keeps our community lively and connected. cheryl@tgo.tv
Ira Liss
As entertainment consultant and strategic partnerships guru, Ira Liss, zealously approaches TGO with a 'big picture' eye. Navigating a multi-media landscape, his mission is to drive TGO into innovative markets and eclectic relationships. When not cooking up TGO opportunities, Ira makes a mostly delicious mess of the kitchen and hams it up as host to, often unexpected, dinner guests. ira@tgo.tv


noun: The emergence of individuals choosing to take small-scale action (s) intended to achieve a personal and/or social goal, resulting in a large-scale impact or ripple effect.