The Golden Opportunity

Uploaded by on 2011-01-04.

TGO - Be a Micro-ACTivist

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What inspired you:

The Golden Opportunity started as a social experiment around a single questions: "Would people, if given the opportunity, rise to the occasion?" Individuals received $250 dollars, a Flip camera and a choice "What action will I take?" There were no rules. There were no conditions. We simply asked that whatever individuals CHOSE to do with the opportunity, they would film and share it with the TGO community.

Where do we go from here? Contact us about launching your own Film it Forward project ( and YOU can be the one answering that question!

What I learned:

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noun: The emergence of individuals choosing to take small-scale action (s) intended to achieve a personal and/or social goal, resulting in a large-scale impact or ripple effect.