"Film it Forward" Pilot Episode

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What inspired you: The premiere episode of "Film it Forward" finds the TGO.tv team at the Melrose Trading Post, a renowned Hollywood hotspot, where unsuspecting indie shoppers are fielding a most unusual question: "What would they do if given $250 and a free Flip camera... no strings attached?" Our host, Joel, engages all types of people to dig deep with their responses, the best of which wins them a golden box containing our Micro-Activist's "starter kit": The TGO Package. "Lilli" is taking hers to New Orleans' 9th ward to teach children how to better their community with these and other tools. Another TGO winner, a young filmmaker named Steve, is heading to the heart of L.A.'s skid row in a courageous attempt to capture the humanity in people we rarely get to know. And Maria will hire a choreographer to teach her and a few friends Beyonce's "Single Ladies Dance", which they'll surprise club-goers with and encourage their participation. Along the way, Joel sparks "TGO on the go" adventures with a few enthusiastic participants, instantly creating micro-active moments that really make a difference! Participants and audiences will see just how much can be accomplished when we challenge ourselves to allocate even a small amount of time and resources. And we'll also get a glimpse of how far-reaching and impactful the ripple effect of these micro-acts can really become. Just imagine what more we'll accomplish when we take "Film it Forward" the series on the road!

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noun: The emergence of individuals choosing to take small-scale action (s) intended to achieve a personal and/or social goal, resulting in a large-scale impact or ripple effect.